Monday, February 23, 2009

Celebrating Rory!

Yesterday was Rory's fourth birthday! She had been told (by a mother who was sick of cleaning gum off of clothes and who didn't want her child to get sick from eating tubes of chapstick...) that once she turned four that she could have gum and chapstick. Rory made a point of telling everyone she knew about this deal. Yesterday was full of gum and fruity lip glosses. I've never seen my kid so happy!

She was also very excited to get a Singing Sleeping Beauty doll. (That's right. It sings. In a very high-pitched voice. But she loves it, and it's the only thing she asked for!)

Every Disney Princess they make. Seriously.

And finally, Tate felt festive.

We had a great day with my parents and with Tucker's mom and Mark. Happy Birthday Rory!

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